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everyone knows that having a flawless wardrobe is only part of being a true style star. styleetoile is here to help. whether you’re hitting up for all of your fashion needs, or checking out this little corner of the world to stay musically stylish--we’ve got you covered.

why aren’t you listening to…

…Cold Specks (@coldspecks)?  Well this may be a bold statement, but Style Etoile thinks we have decided on our favorite album of the year.  We know there are almost two months left in 2012, but Cold SpecksI Predict A Graceful Expulsion is so good, we just don’t see us falling harder for another record.  Cold Specks is London-based (via Canada) Al Spx and she is making soulful, heartbreaking music. Her blues-y sound reminds us of a cross between Bill Withers and Sister Rosetta Tharpe (with a little Janis thrown in) and her songwriting leaves us tearful and moved.  Cold Specks’ show at Mercury Lounge last week broke our hearts in all the right ways, and we can’t wait to catch her again—this time we will remember to bring tissues.