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everyone knows that having a flawless wardrobe is only part of being a true style star. styleetoile is here to help. whether you’re hitting up for all of your fashion needs, or checking out this little corner of the world to stay musically stylish--we’ve got you covered.

why aren’t you listening to…

…Still Corners (@StillCorners)?  Oh, man, is this good.  London’s Still Corners caught our attention last October with their gorgeous debut album, Creatures of an Hour, but their recently released single “Fireflies” has us officially hooked.  These guys are making lush, expansive, dreamy synth pop with amazingly layered percussive beats and beyond sexy vocals.  There are nods to both the 60s and 80s here, and we discover something new with each listen.  Still Corners sounds like a hybrid of M83, Weekend Players and Massive Attack and we can’t get enough…go ahead and hear the goodness for yourself.

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