style etoile: love at first look & listen

everyone knows that having a flawless wardrobe is only part of being a true style star. styleetoile is here to help. whether you’re hitting up for all of your fashion needs, or checking out this little corner of the world to stay musically stylish--we’ve got you covered.

why aren’t you listening to…

…S O H N (@sohnmusic)?  Here Style Etoile was: buzzing along, minding our own business, when all of a sudden we were aurally assaulted (in the best way possible) by S O H N.  S O H N is a brilliant multi-instrumentalist with an even more brilliant voice and ear for production.  S O H N is making music with a fresh, new sound— layering a heart-breaking and haunting voice over an effortless blend of folk, R&B, and electronica.  The white-hot artist’s first EP, The Wheel, will be out November 5th on Aesop.  Do yourselves a favor and check it out.