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everyone knows that having a flawless wardrobe is only part of being a true style star. styleetoile is here to help. whether you’re hitting up for all of your fashion needs, or checking out this little corner of the world to stay musically stylish--we’ve got you covered.

why aren’t you listening to…

…MSMR (@msmrsounds)?  Style Etoile appreciates a little mystery, and we love ourselves some good music, so there was no doubt we were going to fall for the shrouded-in-secrecy duo MS MR. With down-tempo groovy beats, haunting vocals, and lyrics that strike a universal chord (“Didn’t know what this would be, but I knew I didn’t see what you thought you saw in me.  I jumped the gun, so sure you’d split and run, ready for the worst, before the damage was done.  The storm never came, or it never was. Didn’t know getting lost in the blue, it meant I wound up losing you”), these guys have quickly climbed their way to the top of our “New Favorite” list…you better belie ve we will be front and center for their August 16th Webster Hall show with Marina and the Diamonds. 

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