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everyone knows that having a flawless wardrobe is only part of being a true style star. styleetoile is here to help. whether you’re hitting up for all of your fashion needs, or checking out this little corner of the world to stay musically stylish--we’ve got you covered.

why aren’t you listening to…

…Kith & Kell (@kithandkell)?  Kith & Kell is Kellen Malloy and his music is like a breath of fresh air.  Malloy is making first rate neo-folk music—blending traditional folk components (banjos, fiddles, you-name-it) with oh-so-smooth synth.  The music is energetic yet intensely calming, and we were hooked with the first listen.  Kith & Kell’s Wilderness King EP is out May 1st, but you can take a listen to it now on his bandcamp.  You’re welcome.